Murphysboro…State Rep. Terri Bryant (R-Murphysboro) announced Wednesday that she has introduced a House Resolution calling for the condemnation of the decision by the Illinois Secretary of State’s office to allow the placement of a satanic statue in the Capitol building’s rotunda holiday display.

Bryant says she agrees with the hundreds of constituents that have called to complain about the move, and took action this week by filing HR 1355.

“I believe the decision to allow a Satan worship sculpture to be placed alongside emblems of the faiths of the Jewish people and Christians is a grave mistake and sends the wrong message during this time of reflection and celebration,” Bryant said. “I introduced this Resolution in time for the 100th General Assembly to make its opinion known on this issue when we return to Springfield in January. That message would be that we as a body reject and condemn the decision to allow this disgusting display in our Capitol.”

Bryant says her Resolution is careful not to call for the removal of the statue, citing First Amendment protections. However, Bryant says that she is also exercising her unalienable Right to Free Speech by introducing the Resolution to condemn the placement of the Satan worship statue.

“First of all, the people that placed that statue are not celebrating anything, but rather building a small shrine to Satan in a public place in order to divide people and gin up reaction,” Bryant said. “If the Satanists are protected by the First Amendment and are allowed to place that statue in our Capitol during this Holiday season, then I am certainly within my rights both as an American and as a State Representative to say that poking a finger in the eye of people of the Jewish and Christian faiths at Christmas, though it may be legal, certainly does not make it right.”

Rep. Bryant and State Representative Dave Severin, the Resolution’s chief co-sponsor, joined forces to introduce the Resolution and are actively seeking more House members to help co-sponsor the measure. The full text of the Resolution can be read by clicking here.

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Remembering Pearl Harbor and our 41st President George H.W. Bush
Although I rarely use this space to talk about personal issues, there are so many important and historical events that have happened in the past couple of weeks that I must share with you how I am feeling as an American, as an Illinoisan, and as your State Representative.

First, I want to share my sadness at the loss of our 41st President George H.W. Bush. President Bush served as a Navy aviator in World War II, was shot down, and survived the attack. He served in Congress, as CIA director, and as Ambassador to China.

I remember George H.W. Bush for his role in helping bring down the Berlin Wall, as well as repelling Saddam Hussein from Kuwait in one of the fastest and most devastating military defeats in modern history during Operation Desert Storm.

On Friday, the United States also commemorated the attack on Pearl Harbor 77 years ago. We are losing World War II veterans like President Bush every day in our country. On this week of mourning and remembrance, I hope you will take a few moments to reflect on the freedoms that we enjoy as Americans because of American Heroes like George H.W. Bush and so many others that comprised the “Greatest Generation.”

May you rest in peace, Mr. President.

Illinois Celebrates Bicentennial
On December 3, 1818, Illinois became the 21st state in the Union. On December 3, 2018, Illinois celebrated its 200th year as a State.

The 2018 calendar year was marked by multiple bicentennial themed celebrations, with the big party taking place at Chicago’s Navy Pier this past Monday night. As part of the festivities, the Illinois Bicentennial Commission honored 200 Illinois veterans. Governor Rauner and Governor-elect Pritzker were in attendance to mark the milestone. Happy 200th Birthday Illinois!

News on Condition of Tamms Supermax Facility Breaks this Week
Image result for tamms correctional facility
You may have seen news reports this week regarding mold problems that are plaguing the shuttered Tamms Supermax Correctional facility. I have been urging the Illinois Department of Corrections to take action on Tamms even prior to my time as an elected official.

Former Governor Pat Quinn gave in to pressure by Democrat activists from Chicago to close the facility back in 2013. I first took office in 2015 and one of my first acts as a legislator was to introduce legislation to reopen and repurpose Tamms.
We should not have allowed Tamms to close in the first place, and letting it simply rot in place is a slap in the face to taxpayers. Its closure caused major economic hardship in some of the poorest per capita locations in the State of Illinois.

Since then, Speaker Madigan has not allowed any of my legislative measures addressing Tamms to move forward. The State of Illinois has long suffered from overcrowding in its prisons. Overcrowding leads to security concerns and heightened risk for Illinois’ correctional personnel and inmates alike. Thankfully, the State of Illinois has started to move forward with criminal justice reforms that are helping to alleviate prison overcrowding. But, there is still no place other than administrative segregation to send dangerous inmates that repeatedly assault guards and inmates – there used to be, and that place was Tamms Supermax.

Going forward, I will urge that the work camp adjacent to Tamms be reopened immediately to provide good paying jobs to an area that desperately needs them. I will also call on the new administration to take action to resolve maintenance issues and return the facility to operation to serve as a place to send inmates that repeatedly assault guards and other inmates.

The Southern Illinoisan and WSIL TV had excellent coverage on this issue this week. Check out their links below:

The Southern Illinoisan: December 5 2018 – Shuttered Tamms Supermax prison infested with mold

WSIL TV – December 6 2018 - Report Says High Levels of Mold Found at Tamms Prison

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Dear Friends,

I am glad to be back talking to you about what's going on in Springfield. After a long summer and a long election season, the Illinois House got back to governing for what is known as the Veto Session. Veto Session this year spanned Tuesday November 6th through Thursday November 8th and Tuesday November 27th through Thursday November 29th.

The Veto Session is supposed to be the time that legislators consider the Governor's vetoes of bills from the previous January - May session. This year, the Governor issued either total, or partial vetoes on a wide variety of topics.

One example is legislation that was vetoed by the Governor would have raised the age to legally use tobacco products to 21 actually failed to overcome the Governor's veto. Supporters of the legislation argue that raising the smoking age to 21 would reduce public health concerns and lead to fewer lifelong smokers. Opponents, including myself, argued that people would simply travel to neighboring states to purchase tobacco products.

I am interested to know your opinion on this legislation, as the sponsor has indicated that she will likely try to pass the bill once again in January, when the 101st General Assembly begins its work for the spring legislative session.

WJPF Radio Interview
On Friday morning, I joined Tom Miller on the WJPF Morning Newswatch for a wide ranging interview. To catch up on the latest news and more please click the link below and have a listen!

Friday November 30 Interview with Tom Miller on WJPF

Hardin County Work Camp Bill
A bill to transfer ownership of the Hardin County Work Camp from the State of Illinois to Hardin County passed unanimously through both chambers of the legislature on the final day of Veto Session. I was proud to be a a chief co-sponsor of HB 3274. The legislation’s passage was the result of a lot of hard work and a regional, bipartisan effort to educate legislative leaders on the importance of saving the facility.

Although the Hardin County work camp is not in the 115th district, the facility is in Southern Illinois, and it is sitting empty, just rotting away when it doesn’t have to be. This legislation allows Hardin County to buy the facility for $1 from the State of Illinois. With the Governor’s signature, the property can then be used for public purposes, including the creation of a detention center. The local law enforcement officials have done a great job bringing this to legislators’ attention and worked very hard to get this measure moved during the Veto Session.

This is only a first step toward utilizing the property to its full potential.

Earlier this year, the Hardin County Sheriff’s Department announced their intentions to reopen the Work Camp. Plans include opening a detention facility with the potential to house upwards of 100 inmates and create dozens of new good-paying jobs.

House Bill 3274 previously passed the Senate and House unanimously during the November 2018 Veto Session.

DuQuoin Celebrates Lighting Ceremony for Downtown Nativity



Happy 4th birthday to our precious grandsons Hunter and Spencer. They bring joy, happiness, and boundless love to our lives!

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