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I had a great time and ran into many friends at the Illinois State Fair in Springfield this year. The State Fair in Springfield is always filled with plenty of news making events, and this year didn't disappoint. I am happy to report that two bills that I helped sponsor were signed by the Governor

SB 3072:
The State Fair Board of Trustees performs a vital service to help guide the Springfield State Fair and the DuQuoin State Fair especially. But, like many boards and commissions in the State of Illinois, it is not always easy to fill all the positions on the board that are required by the law. SB 3072 will trim the State Fair Board of Trustees from 20 down to 15. Every little bit of streamlining helps when it comes to the State of Illinois. Thank you to Governor Rauner for signing this legislation. I enjoyed Ag Day alongside State Rep. Dave Severin, Grant Hammer of the IL dept of Ag, and Congressman Mike Bost.


Governor Signs BLAZE PINK Hunting Bill
A big thank you again to Governor Rauner for signing legislation this week to legalize "blaze pink" in addition to blaze orange for hunting attire in Illinois. House Bill 4231 permits hunters to wear blaze pink clothing in addition to blaze orange. Both colors of clothing are equally visible to the human eye, however, deer are believed to be color blind to red and can see very little orange or pink.

The following information comes directly from the Governor's press release following the signing of HB 4231.

“We want to make sure that Illinoisans are able to hunt and enjoy the outdoors safely,” Rauner said. “The new legislation provides more variety in hunting gear while preventing tragic hunting accidents in Illinois.”
Blaze orange clothing has been credited for a reduction in hunting-related injuries and deaths. Wisconsin, Colorado, Louisiana, Minnesota, New York and Virginia have also authorized fluorescent pink as an alternative color to orange.

"Blaze pink laws have already passed in several other states, so this change in the law sends the message that our hunting laws put safety first,” said Rep. Dave Severin, R-Benton, lead House sponsor of the bill. "This action gives the consumer a choice, and though I'm no fashion expert, I believe blaze pink will look good on sportsmen and women in Southern Illinois."

"As a lifelong hunter and supporter of the Second Amendment, I was proud to help sponsor this important safety measure," said Rep. Terri Bryant, R-Murphysboro, House co-sponsor of the bill.

"Though I am quite partial to the color pink, the scientific research I have seen shows that people see the color pink better than the color orange. I am grateful that the governor recognizes the importance of hunting safety and that hunting is an important part of the culture and a tourism driver for Southern Illinois."

The initiative is supported by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and the Illinois Legislative Sportsmen’s Caucus. The new law takes effect Jan. 1, 2019.

Committee Hearings and Task Force Meetings - From Chicago to Springfield
In addition to my time at the State Fair for bill signings, I also traveled between the district, Springfield, and Chicago to attend Committee and task force meetings.
First up was a quick trip to downtown Chicago on Wednesday for a hearing on SB563 in front of the Judiciary Criminal Law Committee. This bill deals with those who make false bomb or shooting threats. It has a component that would permit law enforcement to seek a mental health evaluation prior to releasing the adult or juvenile that makes the threat. This was a subject matter hearing only, so no vote taken on this bill.

At Risk Women's Task Force

It is my honor and privilege to serve as the Chairwoman of the House At Risk Women’s Task Force. On Thursday, we toured Lincoln Correctional Center to see first hand the special programming being conducted at Lincoln CC. Programs designed to reduce recidivism of incarcerated women. Big thanks to Warden Glen Austin and his staff for an excellent tour. Pictured here with members of the task force.

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Dear Friend,

This week was another busy one spent traveling between Springfield and the 115th district. There was also news made on the legislative front this week and I have an announcement on new trooper training for prospective Illinois State Police troopers. Thank you for reading!

Governor Signs My Bill to Assist Mental Health Patients with Receiving IDs Upon Release
On Friday, Governor Rauner signed legislation that I proudly sponsored earlier this year that will aid mental health patients by providing individuals released from Department of Human Services facilities with a valid State ID. I am thankful to Gov. Rauner for signing SB 2903 and for recognizing the necessity of the legislation.

I urged the Governor to sign the bill because it is important to support a ‘continuum of care’ for people dealing with mental health issues.

Improving mental health care outcomes is a major issue facing our country and our state. SB 2903 will improve outcomes for mental health care patients in Illinois. When a person has completed treatment and has been cleared to leave a state supported facility, either fully released or under supervision, I believe they should be provided with a proper identification if they do not have one. It helps people get off to a better start.

SB 2903 cleared the Illinois House and Senate without garnering a single 'No' vote. The unanimous support for the bill from the legislature and the Governor's signature signals a societal recognition of the importance of continuous care for the mentally ill.

There is significant momentum behind the movement to improve overall outcomes for mental health care patients that leave the state’s care. Individuals that complete treatment at State run mental health facilities often need a hand up when they are ready to return to society. A valid ID can help someone find housing, transportation, and work. Maybe it is a small step, but I feel it is an important one, and I thank my colleagues in the General Assembly and the Governor for their support for this legislation.

Do you have what it takes to be an Illinois State Trooper? ISP Now Accepting Applications
The Illinois State Police Merit Board is currently processing applications for Cadet Class 129, tentatively scheduled for April, 2019. In order to be considered for Cadet Class 129, the Merit Board must receive a completed application and required documentation by August 15, 2018. This is a wonderful opportunity for a service minded person to be a part of something bigger than yourself, to join an elite law enforcement unit, and to serve your country, state, and community.

Applicants may apply online at:

Also, take a few minutes to check out this cool ISP Recruitment Video -

Director of Illinois Dept. of Aging Visits Carbondale
I had a wonderful time on Tuesday at The Landings in Carbondale. I was joined by the Director of the Illinois Dept. on Aging, Jean Bonhoff.
We had lunch, took a tour, and visited some awesome people. They have everything anyone could want in retirement living. 

We also had the chance to be there for the kick off of registration for the Autism walk. Big thanks to the staff and residents for making it such a special day.

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Dear Friend,

Good Saturday morning to you! I am blessed to say that I spent time this week traveling throughout Southern Illinois meeting with friends and talking about big policy changes at the national level that are leading to more good paying jobs for working families in Illinois. Here's what went on this week!

President Trump Visits Granite City Steel Works
President Donald Trump visited Illinois for the first time since taking office this past Thursday. He made the trip to Granite City to visit the newly reopened Granite City Steel Works. After being shuttered due to economic policies imposed by the Barack Obama administration, Granite City Steel Works is now back in business, employing hard working people in good paying jobs. 

Thank you to President Trump for his leadership and for his focus on making America's economy great once again! This past week, new job numbers show record growth for the economy, with an astouding 4.1% GDP growth in the previous quarter.

Senior Citizens Health Fair in Carbondale
I had a great time visiting with seniors at the Carbondale senior citizens health fair this past Wednesday morning. State Senator Paul Schimpf, Carbondale Mayor Mike Henry and I are proud to host this annual event together!

Seniors are able to receive select health screenings, take home important information, and win prizes. Thank you to all the vendors that provide health care services to seniors in southern Illinois for attending, and thank you to all the seniors that participated!

Thank you to the Association of Illinois Electric Cooperatives!
This week, I was honored to be invited to Springfield to receive an award for public service from the Association of Illinois Electric Cooperatives. I was honored to meet with area representatives from local electric coops. Thank you to all those electric cooperatives out there that work so hard for constituents that live in rural and under-served areas. 

Fraternal Order of Police Host Convention in Mt. VernonLast Sunday, I was given the opportunity to attend the State Convention of the Fraternal Order of Police held at the Double Tree in Mt. Vernon. I was honored to be able to address the assembly and to witness the swearing in of the executive board.  As with many organizations, their auxiliary plays a vital role in what they are able to accomplish. 
Pictured here is the swearing in of the Auxiliary Executive Board. My friend Cindy Draege is second from the right. Congrats to all!
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Dear Friend, 

This week I was busy traveling the 115th district meeting with my constituents. Take a look at what I was up to!

Supporting Youth Agriculture and Ag Education!
I had a great time Wednesday at the Jefferson County 4H Auction. This year, my husband Rick made it very clear that I should not come home with yet another goat. So, I bought 3 rabbits from Miss Tinsley and a hog from Miss Marlow, though no livestock came home with us.

Jefferson County is home to world class agricultural education opportunities and some of the most dedicated 4H and FFA students in the world! I am blessed to represent you!

NubAbility Sports Camp in DuQuoin
I was so honored to be invited to attend and say a few words at the opening ceremony of the NubAbility Sports Camp in DuQuoin on Friday.

The camp gives kids who are “limb different,” a chance to learn and compete in their chosen sport.

I met some very special new friends and had the chance to catch up with folks I've seen every year at NubAbility Camp. Thank you all for making me feel welcome and have fun!

There are 2 rules at the NubAbility Camp:

1. Leave all excuses outside the gate;

2. If you say I can’t you do 50 push ups.

Please take the time to visit their website and check out this amazing organization @

Carbondale WalMart Renovates and Donates
I had a great time visiting with employees at Walmart in Carbondale as they celebrated the store finalizing renovations. I enjoyed the ribbon cutting and talking with the folks that make Walmart work!

Walmart has also generously donated $20,000 to the upcoming Veterans' Honor Flight and $1,000 to Carbondale's Thomas Elementary School. Thank you to Walmart for your generosity and service to the community!

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Murphysboro…State Rep. Terri Bryant (R-Murphysboro) reacted today to the signing of House Bill 2354 and Senate Bill 3256, two pieces of legislation that slap further regulations on 2nd Amendment protections.

HB 2354 would allow family members to get court approval to remove firearms from loved ones they believe could hurt someone or themselves. Bryant says she opposed the legislation.

“I did not support HB 2354 during the legislative Session this year,” Bryant said. “I believe that the bill unfairly limits due process and could potentially make criminals out of law abiding citizens. Quite simply, the bill goes too far and allows for actual confiscation of legally owned weapons.”

SB 3256 establishes a “72 hour waiting period” while background checks are performed on gun purchasers. Bryant says the 72-hour waiting period bill is another example of Chicago Democrats playing to a radical anti-gun base.

“This bill creates yet another layer of bureaucracy to place at the altar of Chicago Democratic-base politics,” Bryant said. “This legislation really strikes at some beloved traditions in Southern Illinois and will harm gun dealers and gun and knife trade shows. Unfortunately, every day that the legislature is in Session in Illinois, pro 2nd Amendment legislators like myself must be vigilant and work to protect our constitutionally guaranteed rights.”


Dear Friend,

This week was filled with news made at SIU, and with fun interactions and presentations with folks from all over the 115th district. Between meetings with constituents at my two district offices and appearing at different functions, my tires were as hot as the Southern Illinois summer weather. It is my honor to represent you, and I am blessed to say that I truly love being your State Representative.

Here's what happened in the 115th district this week!

Dunn Agrees to Resign as SIU President, Dr. Dorsey to be named interim President
Last night, news broke that on Monday, Randy Dunn will resign as SIU President at a special meeting of the SIU Board of Trustees. I issued the following statement in light of last night's announcement that SIU President Randy Dunn is stepping aside.

"This evening's breaking news that President Randy Dunn plans to step down as the head of the Southern Illinois University system is welcome news. It also signals and end of one era and the beginning of another. The next president of the Southern Illinois University system should remember that they are charged with protecting and preserving the health of the entire University system as a whole. I want to take this opportunity to wish Dr. Dorsey all the best as he begins this new chapter for himself and for the University. Although this action took much longer than I wish it would have, ultimately Mr. Dunn took the appropriate action and stepped aside for the good of all of Southern Illinois University."

Governor Visits Bluford to Celebrate Debt RetirementOn Thursday evening, I was honored to join Governor Rauner, and Bluford Mayor Mike Bullard and Bluford village officials for a special ceremony to celebrate the retirement of the village's debt! The village of Bluford was celebrating the payoff of more than $400,000! Congratulations to the village of Bluford, Mayor Bullard, and all village officials on this amazing accomplishment. It was my honor to celebrate this momentous occasion with you!

The Village of Bluford celebrates being 'debt free' at a special ceremony with Governor Rauner on July 12, 2018

Congratulations to Dr. Daniel Hoffman on Retiring!

Many of my constituents in Jefferson County no doubt know who Dr. Daniel Hoffman is.

Dr. Hoffman served the health care needs of Jefferson County and Southern Illinois practicing internal medicine and geriatrics for 37 years. Dr. Hoffman was honored by friends, family, associates, and former patients with a retirement party at Schweinfurth House in Mt. Vernon on Thursday night. I was privileged to present Dr. Hoffman with a congratulatory Resolution from the House that details his amazing career. Thank you to Dr. Hoffman and his family for allowing me to be a part of your special evening. Best wishes on your retirement!

You can read the full text of the resolution by clicking here!

Visiting with SIU-C Ag Students for the Collegiate FFA!
This past week the SIUC Ag Dept. Hosted the Collegiate FFA.

On Wednesday evening I visited with  several of the students to talk about the greatness of southern Illinois and Southern Illinois University.

We also talked about Illinois politics and government. It was great hearing and learning from these fine students and future ag leaders!
The 2018 Collegiate FFA Convention was held at SIU-Carbondale on Wednesday!

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Murphysboro….State Representative Terri Bryant (R-Murphysboro) is once again calling for SIU President Randy Dunn to be fired or to resign immediately. Bryant took to the floor of the Illinois House back on Thursday, May 17 as the first sitting legislator to publicly call for Dunn’s resignation. Following her speech, at least 3 more legislators have also called for Dunn to resign.

Bryant’s original call for Dunn’s resignation came as a result of the release of information obtained through FOIA revealed that in emails to the SIU-E Chancellor, Dunn had referred profanely to individuals from Carbondale that opposed his plan to shift $5 million from SIU-C to SIU-E and that he was purposely misrepresenting the rules for shifting funding in order to quiet any dissenters.

The Friday, June 29 edition of the Southern Illinoisan has now revealed damning information that contradicts Dunn’s own public statements in regard to the proposed cost shift and in regard to proposed legislation that would have split up the 3-part Southern Illinois University system into separate pieces.

“When I called on the SIU Board of Trustees and Chair Amy Sholar to release all documents related to Randy Dunn’s collusion with officials from SIU-E, I did so knowing that what was found might be disturbing,” Bryant said. “I hate to say that my hunch was right. Evidence reveals that Randy Dunn has worked to undermine SIU-Carbondale and has lied to me and to the public about it. Working behind the scenes in a collusive manner with SIU-E officials is not the capacity that Randy Dunn was hired to serve in.”

Bryant then reiterated her call for Dunn to be removed or resign immediately and issued a challenge to the SIU Board of Trustees.

“The President has lost my confidence and the confidence of at least 4 of the members of the Board of Trustees,” Bryant said. “It is time for Randy Dunn to be done as the SIU President. It is the Board’s duty to act in the best interest of the University system as a whole. This is a time for leadership and I believe Chair Sholar must step up and lead. I believe the sooner Randy Dunn is removed and replaced, the better it will be for everyone involved.”


Dear Friend,

During the last couple of weeks, I have been very busy traveling the 115th district for various events and meetings. This week’s e-news will focus on my travels as well as my thoughts on the ongoing saga surrounding SIU President Randy Dunn’s tenure and the future of the University.

I gave my thoughts to WSIL TV 3 and The Southern Illinoisan on this topic on Friday and links to those interviews will be available early next week. We have pictures and links and more below. Make sure to read all the way to the end for a special birthday announcement as well!

Thank you for reading!

John Croessman Square Dedication and Resolution Presentation

Last Friday June 15, I was honored to join folks from the city of DuQuoin for a special dedication ceremony. Once again, I was impressed with just how special the city of DuQuoin and its community members are. I joined Mayor Alongi and other guests in sharing a few words and a House Resolution that I passed in May to honor the work and life of John Croessman. You can view the full text of the resolution by clicking here. 


The city of DuQuoin dedicated a new outdoor gathering area in John’s name. John was unable to attend as he is still recovering from a stroke, but a multitude of friends and family were in attendance to celebrate his many contributions to DuQuoin. Thank you to John and to all of those in attendance and to those that made this special event possible. It was indeed my honor to be a part of it! You can read more about the ceremony and John Croessman’s contributions to the news industry in Southern Illinois and to the city of DuQuoin by clicking the link below.

SIU Board of Trustees Meet to Consider Dunn’s Future – Approves Release of 1000 Pages of Documentation
You may recall that a couple of weeks ago on June 8th, SIU Board of Trustees members Phil Gilbert and Joel Sambursky called for a special meeting of the executive committee of the board to consider whether to place SIU President Randy Dunn on administrative leave, pending an investigation into documents and emails related to a plan to shift funding from SIU-C to SIU-E and regarding legislation that would have split the SIU system into separate parts.

A Southern Illinoisan article explaining more on this aspect of the most recent news at SIU can be found by clicking here -  “Gilbert calls for release of additional documents involving SIU President.”

That executive committee meeting was eventually canceled and replaced by a full meeting of the Board of Trustees that took place this week on Thursday, June 21. The purpose of the meeting was two-fold. First, the trustees were to consider whether to place Dunn on leave and second whether to release documents and emails related to the aforementioned issues.

As for placing President Dunn on administrative leave, the Board was deadlocked at 4-4. The Board of Trustees did however vote to release documents related to these matters. I am looking forward to reviewing the documents and understanding just how much work was done behind the scenes to undermine SIU-Carbondale. Keep in mind, I called for Randy Dunn to resign his position back in April after a Southern Illinoisan op-ed revealed that Dunn had referred to representatives of the Carbondale campus as “bitchers” because they opposed his plan to shift funding away from SIU-C to SIU-E.

As a thorough review of the documents takes place over the next several days, I expect more news to be made on this subject. When news breaks, I will keep you up to date with analysis and reaction. I will never stop fighting for a healthy, in-tact SIU system!

This weekend, my loving and wonderful husband Rick will celebrate his 60th birthday! I am so proud to call him my husband and to call him the father of our two kids and four grandchildren.

Love you more every day, Rick and I’m looking forward to celebrating with the family this weekend, Southern Illinois style!

If you're in Murphysboro, give me a shout and maybe you can stop by to try out the 100 foot slip and slide!

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Dear Friend,

This week’s e-news follows an incredibly fast-paced two weeks of action in Springfield and big news that will likely have long term effects on the power structure in State government. I want to thank you all for writing, calling, faxing, Facebook messaging and more during the last six months of the legislative Session. Your input on the important decisions facing the legislature is invaluable to me.

Throughout the Summer I will bring you updates on the myriad of legislation that has passed the House and Senate and awaits the Governor’s signature. As news breaks on bill signings or bill vetoes, Bryant E-news will keep you up to date. For the sake of keeping this newsletter focused on current events, I’m going to focus on two items this week.

1.       Governor signs balanced budget – I voted Yes. More $ for schools, SIU, and transportation
2.       Turmoil at SIU and my continued calls for Randy Dunn to resign

Casting a Yes Vote for a 2nd Straight Balanced Budget
Here is my press release from the day that the State budget passed for the FY 19 year.

State Representative Terri Bryant (R-Murphysboro) joined a super majority of Illinois House lawmakers on Thursday in voting yes for a full-year, balanced State budget for the 2019 fiscal year. Bryant says she is proud of the hard work and cooperation that went into negotiating the balanced budget and urged her colleagues to continue working together on other major issues facing the State.

The on-time, in-balance, full-year budget cleared the House on the last day of regularly scheduled Session. With Governor Rauner’s signature, the bipartisan budget agreement will represent a departure from prior years when partisan gridlock kept the State from having a budget for more than two and a half years.

“Chaos is not normal,” Bryant said. “What we had in years past with not having a budget or a plan was simply chaos. During last July’s budget action, I think it is safe to say that a lot of members, including myself, put their political careers on the line and did what was necessary to end the budget stalemate and save the State from junk bond status and a host of other major complications. This FY 19 budget agreement is a step in the right financial direction and will add much-needed stability to the State’s economic outlook.”

Bryant says the involvement of House and Senate Republicans played a significant role in helping to craft next fiscal year’s spending plan. Bryant has argued publicly for months that Illinois must stick to a strict fiscal diet in the coming years if the State is to ever eliminate its outstanding debt obligations.

“HB 109 cuts more than $1 billion in spending,” Bryant said. “These cuts, and this fiscally sound, balanced budget could not have been achieved without the participation of Republicans.”
In addition to the welcome, but somewhat surprising bipartisan agreement, Bryant says she believes the budget takes aim at the problem of dropping enrollment at Illinois’ public Universities by providing a 2% increase in funding for higher education and makes MAP grants available for four years at a time instead of just one.

“The budget impasse had a devastating and chilling effect on our State’s higher education institutions,” Bryant said. “Some stability has returned due to the fact that we have a budget now, but this year’s budget increase for higher education should signal to Illinois’ high school students that we are dedicated to improving our Universities and that we are going to continue to make investments in our future leaders and keep our kids going to schools closer to home.”                                                  

The Governor has now signed the FY 19 budget into law. To read more on this topic please follow the news links below.

More Controversy At Southern Illinois University – Board of Trustees Members Schedules, then Cancel Meeting to Take up Issue of Randy Dunn’s Employment as SIU President

By now, you are probably aware that controversy has been swirling around Southern Illinois University President Randy Dunn for several months. Shortly after Carlo Montemagno was hired as SIU-C Chancellor, news reports in Southern Illinois highlighted a rocky relationship, and it seemed the two men couldn’t get along while trying to implement Montemagno’s plan for reorganization at the campus.

That bad press was followed later by a revelation in an op-ed in the Southern Illinoisan in late May that revealed President Dunn had used the term “bitchers” in an official e-mail to SIU-E officials in reference to the Carbondale campus. That day, I took to the Illinois House Floor to call on Randy Dunn to resign in  part because he was working against SIU-C in favor of SIU-E.
In the past few days, a meeting of the Executive Committee of the SIU Board of Trustees was scheduled and then abruptly canceled.

Here are excerpts from SIU Trustee Joel Sambursky’s Facebook page:  

“Last week after the SIU Board meeting in Springfield all trustees received information that in my view warrants the calling of an urgent meeting to consider placing Randy Dunn on administrative leave while a thorough investigation into his behavior is conducted by external legal counsel. Should the executive committee decide to do so, an acting President would then need to be appointed to allow for the work of the campuses to continue while President Dunn is on leave.”

Adding…”With the next SIU Board meeting now more than three months away, it would be unconscionable for the executive committee to not meet to discuss and potentially take action on matters that are permitted under SIU Board policy, since they are “urgent and cannot be postponed to a regular meeting of the Board Apparently Chair Sholar not only disagrees with my view of the Bylaws, but also that of the General Council of the SIU System. This sets the wrong precedent for the Chair of the Board to claim the ability to override the majority of the executive committee and to ignore the legal opinion provided by the General Council of the SIU System.

I am glad to find out this afternoon, that now Chair Sholar is willing to convene the full board to discuss the items on the executive committee agenda that was planned for tomorrow. However, I am disappointed that she believes the meeting can be delayed another two weeks until June 21st.

Therefore, I am requesting tomorrow’s executive committee meeting to be cancelled and I am asking Chair Sholar to call a special meeting of the full Board to discuss and possibly take action on the same items listed for tomorrow’s executive committee meeting. I am also asking Chair Sholar to make every effort to convene the full Board as soon as possible.”

Ladies and gentlemen, I think it is clear to see that SIU is in turmoil under President Dunn’s leadership and has been for quite some time now. The only way to restore much needed stability is for President Dunn to either resign or be let go by the full SIU Board of Trustees. SIU deserves a leader that is working for the entire system, not someone that is working to undermine one of the most critical parts.

You can read more on this story by visiting the links below:

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