Springfield….State Rep. Terri Bryant (R - Murphysboro) is happy to announce that she has voted to eliminate legislator pay raises for the FY 2016 budget year. Bryant says HB 576 is an exact copy of legislation, HB 4225, that she has been co-sponsoring for months. Bryant says the bill to eliminate the 2% cost of living adjustments made it to the floor for a vote thanks to public pressure and negative media attention.

“Basically the Democrats in control of State government were caught with their hands in the cookie jar, trying to raise their own pay as they have wrought financial disaster on our state for more than a decade,” Bryant said. “My colleagues and I on the Republican side of the aisle have called for a vote on our own measure to block pay raises for politicians for two months now. It shouldn’t have taken this long to get a resolution to this issue, but at least we have blocked legislator pay raises for now.”

As the State of Illinois enters into its 5th week of the FY 2016 fiscal year without a budget plan in place, Bryant says the time for a balanced budget to pass the General Assembly is long overdue.

“As the Chicago politicians that control the legislature continue to resist any effort to reform State government and make our state more competitive, people are hurting. We need to pass a budget that does not spend more than we take in. It is a shame that it took so long for the Chicago democrats that control the size of the State budget.”

Rep. Bryant smiles alongside Good Samaritan hospital auxiliary
volunteer Nancy Germann. Thanks to Nancy for her
important volunteer work for Good Sam!
A large crowd of more than 150 seniors attended Rep. Bryant's
Senior Citizens Health and Wellness Expo in Mt. Vernon
Mt. Vernon....State Rep. Terri Bryant (R-Murphysboro) is pleased to share photos of her recent joint Senior citizens fair held in Mt. Vernon in coordination with State Senator David Luechtefeld. Rep. Bryant has shared photos of the event below. She looks forward to another successful event in both Carbondale and Mt. Vernon next Summer!

A large crowd of Seniors and health care providers gathered at the Rolland Lewis Building in Mt. Vernon. Among the services offered were blood sugar and cholesterol screenings, hearing tests, eyeglass repair and information on nursing homes and other health care facilities.

Murphysboro....The failure by powerful Chicago Democrats to craft and pass a balanced and Constitutional budget has caused many service providers and vendors that rely on the State of Illinois to spend the summer wondering if or when they will ever be paid. In response to a dubious move by the Chicago Democratic leaders of the previous General Assembly to insert a pay raise provision for lawmakers, State Representative Terri Bryant has decided to donate her cost of living adjustment, or raise, to charity.

"It is disturbing to me that Speaker Madigan and the Chicago politicians that control State government would vote themselves a pay raise during this budget crisis,” Bryant said. “I am not going to be accepting this pay raise, and instead will happily donate the amount of my cost of living adjustment to Pregnancy Matters of Carbondale.”

Pregnancy Matters provides free pregnancy testing and confidential assistance to pregnant women. Additional services provided by staff and volunteers of Pregnancy Matters include donations to families in need, and counseling and other emotional support services to pregnant women. 

Bryant is calling on the Chicago Democratic legislative leaders to work with Governor Rauner to craft a responsible, balanced budget. She is one of several legislators that have spoken out recently against a mandated pay raise for legislators.

To contact Rep. Bryant, please visit www.repbryant.com and follow the Contact link. You may also call her district office at (618) 242-8115 or email her at Bryant@ILHouseGop.org.  


Springfield....Today I had the distinct honor and privilege of introducing Miss Crystal Davis, the newly crowned Miss Illinois to the Illinois House chamber. I am very proud to say that Crystal is a native of Anna, a town that I represent in the legislature. Crystal will focus her time as Miss Illinois on educating the public about the dangers of distracted driving. Thanks again to Miss Illinois Crystal Davis for appearing in the House chamber and for allowing me the honor of introducing her! Please click play on the video below to watch my introduction.

Pictured here: State Rep. Terri Bryant and newly crowned Miss Illinois Miss Crystal Davis of Anna. Rep. Bryant stood on a point of personal privilege to introduce Miss Illinois Crystal Davis to her colleagues in the House of Representatives today!

Springfield….State Rep. Terri Bryant (R-Murphysboro) received the Governor’s signature on her first piece of legislation on Tuesday. Back in April, Bryant received unanimous support in the House for HB 3721, a bill designed to help National Guard members keep their jobs. Bryant, whose district shares a border with the state of Missouri, explained the need for the measure.

Rep. Bryant explains HB 3721 - a bill designed to
help protect the jobs of National Guard members when
they are called up to serve in active duty in another state.
"When a member of the National Guard is called to duty by their own state's Governor or by the Governor of a neighboring state, this bill would allow them to categorize their work as military service," Bryant said. "The addition of a 'military service' definition to their work in another state affords members of the National Guard protection that their job will be held for them upon a call up to duty in another state."

Bryant said that while the change may seem small, it is quite significant for the men and women of Illinois serving in the National Guard.

"I want to thank the Governor for recognizing the importance of this measure and for signing my first bill into law. This is good public policy. These folks risk their lives to save everyday people from dangerous situations, to clean up after disasters, to keep towns from flooding, and the list goes on. Their work in Illinois and in neighboring states should be considered military service so they can be afforded the same protections as other members of the military that enter into active duty," Bryant said.

To contact Rep. Bryant, please visit www.repbryant.com and follow the Contact link. You may also call her district office at (618) 242-8115 or email her at Bryant@ILHouseGop.org.

A large crowd and dozens of vendors helped make the 2015
Carbondale Senior Fair a success
Rep. Bryant speaks to attendees of the
2015 Carbondale Senior Health and Wellness Fair
Carbondale...I want to thank all of the vendors and attendees of my first annual Carbondale Senior Citizen Health and Wellness Fair. We were blessed to have more than 300  members of the community come out to enjoy free refreshments, health screenings, and to receive information and prizes from area health care and senior citizens service providers. 

The Carbondale Senior Fair was the first of two such events I will host in conjunction with State Senator David Luechtefeld this summer.The next event will feature many of the same health and wellness screenings, and free refreshments. 

If you, or a family member is interested in attending the Mt. Vernon Senior Fair, please see below for more details.

Next up:
Mt. Vernon Senior Citizens Health and Wellness Fair
What: Rep. Bryant and SenatorLuechtefeld Host |Senior Health and Wellness Fair
When: Tuesday July 28 2015 from 9-11am                                                                           Where: Rolland Lewis Building - 800 S. 27th Street in Mt. Vernon

Carbondale, IL…State Representative Terri Bryant (R-Murphysboro) and State Senator David Luechtefeld (R-Okawville) announce their annual senior citizen health and wellness fair held Thursday, July 16 at the Carbondale Civic Center, 200 South Illinois Ave., Carbondale, IL from 9am to noon.

“I am excited to partner with Sen. Luechtefeld and local organizations that help promote health and wellness for senior citizens in the Carbondale area.  I encourage senior citizens and their families to attend this free senior fair and see what state services, doctors and organizations are available to them right here in southern Illinois,” said Bryant.

“I am proud to co-sponsor this free senior citizen health fair,” said Luechtefeld.  “Senior citizens who attend can have their blood pressure checked, eye glasses and hearing aids cleaned, receive a free massage and check for unclaimed property that the state may be holding for them,” said Luechtefeld.

Numerous health screenings will be offered at this year’s fair including oral health and cancer screenings.  Senior citizens who have their cholesterol and blood sugar checked must fast for 10 hours prior to testing.  The fair is free and open to the public.  Free refreshments will be provided and senior citizens are encouraged to register to win a door prize when they enter the fair.

Dear Friend,

As you may know the State of Illinois is currently facing a budget crisis. This year, the General Assembly did not complete its work by the May 31st deadline. The Illinois Constitution outlines some very basic responsibilities for the Illinois General Assembly. Among these is the charge that a balanced budget must be approved each fiscal year. This year, the Chicago Democrats that control the legislature passed a budget that was $4 billion out of balance. 

For months, my Republican colleagues and I have pleaded with legislative leaders from Chicago and their Democrat allies in the General Assembly to enact reasonable reforms to the way Illinois government functions.  The old way of doing business has left us with over $5 billion in past due bills, a $4 billion dollar budget deficit for the 2016 fiscal year, and $100 billion plus in unfunded pension liabilities. $5 billion here, $4 billion there, $100 billion over there…I mean c’mon folks, enough is enough!

In response to the budget stalemate and a Cook County Judge preventing the State of Illinois from paying state employees, State Representative Terri Bryant (R-Murphysboro) Chief Co-Sponsored legislation to make sure all state government employees continue to receive their paycheck.

On Tuesday, July 7, Cook County Circuit Court Judge Diane Larsen issued a temporary court order preventing Comptroller Munger from issuing paychecks to all state government employees.

House Bill 4245 sponsored by Rep. Bryant permits Illinois Comptroller Leslie Munger to send pay checks to all employees of State agencies, constitutional offices, State universities, community colleges, and any agency, board, or commission.