Illinois State Representative Terri Bryant (R-Murphysboro) was sworn into office for the second time this month.

“I am excited and ready for my first regular session,” said Rep. Bryant.  “There are many new faces in the legislature today than during my first special session.  I look forward to serving with my new colleagues and Governor Rauner.”

Earlier this month on January 2nd, Bryant was sworn into office to serve in the 98th General Assembly, filling the vacancy created by newly elected U.S. Congressman Mike Bost.  Bryant’s new term will run until January 2017.

Rep. Bryant added, “Our first official day of session follows a historic decision by our Governor.  I am pleased with Governor Rauner’s recent Executive Order to freeze discretionary spending, I have been an advocate for finding ways to reduce wasteful spending and this Executive Order will help set the tone that our state government must live within its means.  In addition, in the coming weeks I look forward to working with our Governor and my colleagues to support a jobs package which will help keep and create jobs in Southern Illinois.”

Representative Bryant along with the entire House of Representatives were sworn into office at Noon today at the University of Illinois at Springfield.  The inauguration marks the 99th General Assembly of the Illinois House of Representatives.

Illinois State Representative Terri Bryant (R-Murphysboro) has been appointed by House Republican Leader Jim Durkin to serve on two state boards to help promote and develop the use of Illinois coal.  Bryant was appointed to the Clean Coal Review Board and the Illinois Coal Development Board.

“I’m a strong advocate for Illinois coal,” said Rep. Bryant.  “I look forward to serving on both boards by helping develop and implement new technology to enhance the production of clean Illinois coal.  It is important we continue to promote Illinois coal in order to help our economy keep clean coal production and jobs in southern Illinois.”

The Clean Coal Review Board is affiliated with SIU’s Coal Research Center, a bi-partisan board tasked with promoting and advancing Illinois’ coal industry.  In addition, the Illinois Coal Review Board promotes and develops an annual agenda for research and methodologies to increase use of Illinois coal resources; including advising the Office of Coal Development and Illinois Clean Coal Institute on coal research and development policy and projects.